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Some of the steps we take to get your home sold

The Judy Orr Team of HomeSmart Realty Group

Judy Orr & Jimmy Herter

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Steps We Take To Sell Your Home

There are many more things that we do to get a property listed, sold and closed, but these are some special marketing techniques we utilize to get your home sold at the highest price the market will bear and in your time frame.

If you have any questions regarding this guide or any real estate matter please contact me today.

Judy Orr

HomeSmart Realty Group


The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

We Create Your CMA Like An Appraiser

This will set a price for your home that will create interest and a sale at the top price the current market will bear


We don't just throw our CMA report together with a click of a button. We spend a lot of time searching through all similar properties within a geographical radius and we go through each listing to compare it to your place.

Like an appraiser, we try to go back 3-6 months and find at least 3 sold and closed properties (these hold the most weight) and 3 currently active listings.  

We will sometimes go back farther in time if we want to stay in a particular subdivision, but we usually will stay within the time frame an appraiser uses and go farther out geographically, if necessary.

The report we create is factual information that will tell you the proper price range to consider.
We will give you our opinion on the best price to list your home at based on the CMA.

Keep in mind, unless a buyer is paying cash, your home will need to appraise.  We provide the data to provide you with a price that will attract buyers and provide an accepted contract price that will appraise. 

Comparative Market Analysis


We Offer Free Home Staging Advice


Importance Of Appearance

Steps to take to improve your sales price


How your property shows in person and online in photos is critical to maximizing your sale price.
Before listing your property for sale there are a few steps you can take to improve the way the property will show to potential buyers.

Often times, a few small upgrades can make a HUGE difference with home buyers. Any potential seller should take inventory of some things you can improve to make the property more appealing.

This is another area where my real estate experience can help you. I’ll take a quick walk through your home to help you identify the most important matter to address before listing the property for sale. We can make a list of possible repairs and upgrades to make that would impact your sales price.

Not sure what to do or where to start? This is absolutely an area where I can help you save time and possibly make more money on the sale. Contact me and let’s talk about improving the sale price of your home - 708-536-8200

home for sale staging


 Buyers Love Photos...


and we take a lot!

We're serious about good pictures


We don't just take photos, we edit them so they pop.  Our MLS just started allowing unlimited photos, so we take as many as we feel are necessary to show off your place.

We use multiple angles inside and out, and we carefully choose the best pictures.  We know what buyers want and what to highlight in a home.  

Then we set them up in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as a "tour" - in the order most buyers would view your place in person.  This creates more interest and emotions for a buyer when they're viewing your property via the MLS or online.

camera to take photos of orland park real estate


Your Home Will Be Featured On Our Website


Our site is popular and gets many visits daily

Your property will be featured on the home page


We've had our website for many years and along with our advertising we get thousands of visitors every month.  Our site tracks the properties visitors view and almost each one looks at one of our Featured Properties.

We showcase our Featured Properties one of two ways.  Sometimes we utilize the large background photo and post clickable listing photos that create a slideshow.  Usually, we use a Featured Property box like the one shown on the right with the arrow pointing to it.  

Interested buyers get more details than most agent sites provide, such as room sizes.  That's why we get so many repeat visitors.  We have sold listings just from our website!  

Our website is viewable on a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.  You can search properties and read our blog or click through many helpful areas for both buyers and sellers. We also have client testimonials. 

Click here to see it.


 Your Home Will Have Its Own Website!


No competing with other listings

No computer generated low value estimates 


We will create a website just for your home.  The site will be visible on a computer, laptop, tablet or even a cellphone.

There will be a description, photos and a slideshow/video.  There will be links to city and school information.

When a site is created, we copy another one to use in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as your "virtual tour."  It will be the entire site, not just a slideshow tour.  This 2nd site will not have any of our branding or contact information since it isn't allowed on the MLS.

We believe in single property websites.  We feel it helped sell our prior home.  Our buyer loved being able to pull up the site and viewing all of the photos, and the fact that she could share it with friends and relatives around the world.

Allowing a buyer to continue viewing photos and information promotes familiarity and creates emotion.  View a sample site here.

website for orland park home for sale


We Can Make Your House Talk!


6. And buyers listen.

No one else is using this!


Using Talking House is like having an agent standing in front of your home 24/7!  It is a smallish box similar to older answering machines that we record on.  

When it's placed in your home it transmits through any car's radio that is within listening distance.  Potential buyers don't have to leave their cars to get brochures (that might be wrinkled, wet or the brochure box might be empty).

Jimmy will go through all of the details of your home.  He speaks slowly so people can write things down if necessary.  The message will continue "looping" while the listeners are within the transmitting radius.

This is offered at no extra charge.  A separate, small sign is required to alert buyers and provide the AM channel to tune to. Give me a call at 708-536-8200.

Orland Park talking house


 We Keep Up Communication With You...


We ask agents for feedback

We keep you up-to-date with the current market


When speaking to sellers that have listed their property with another brokerage without success, the biggest complaint given is that their agents never contacted them once the home was listed.

We request feedback from every agent that shows your property.  We ask up to 3 times.  If we receive feedback we share it with you.  There are different forms of feedback - not just from an agent/buyer.  Call me at 708-536-8200 to find out.

We will also keep you up-to-date on the current market.  If you don't receive an offer within 3-6 weeks, we will go over fresh data to see what similar homes in your area have sold and to see current prices and new market activity and competition.


communicating with orland park home sellers


Our Advertising 

We will create a blog post about your listing

We will share that post on our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) 
Paid Facebook advertising will be utilized
We will post a slideshow or video of your property on YouTube
We pay to get visitors to our 2 websites (our main site and our second site)
We will send out links/ads to your listing on our 2 newsletters that go out to thousands
Your listing will be syndicated to popular real estate websites 

Our mantra is:  "If we can't sell your home, nobody can!"

About Our Team


"We have the perfect sized team"

I've interviewed sellers who had worked with large teams in the past and weren't happy.  They met the team leader and never spoke to them again.  They felt unimportant and didn't feel like anything special was provided by working with a team.

We are just the right size.  We are a husband and wife team plus my daughter, Renee Milan (our licensed assistant), and a long-time friend, Susan O'Halloran.  We are large enough to be available most times for a last minute home showing from a buyer that calls us off our signs or contacts us from the Internet.

We're small enough so you never lose contact with one of us.  As the team leader, Judy Orr will handle  listing appointments and will prepare the Comparative Market Analysis for your property.  Judy will be your main contact.

Give Judy a call at 708-536-8200 or contact her at

Together let's determine the right listing price for your property.  Contact me today to discuss price and the marketing of your property - and I can provide answers to all of your questions.  

Let's get your home sold!



What others are saying about my work...

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Judy is the best realtor ever! She is always very quick to respond and very efficient. She is excellent at her job. We have used Judy Orr twice in purchasing a home and each time everything went very smoothly. Thanks Judy!
From recent and past seller & buyer clients Maggie & Jonathan
2017 & Prior Client
Judy is always very responsive and timely! She is great to work with!!!!
Repeat Seller Client Kim
2017 & Prior Client
This is my second transaction with the Judy Orr -James Herter team.  Jim a.k.a,"Rockin Realtor"provided me all all the information I needed and kept me updated on everything.  He was always there to answer my questions, and no question was too trivial for him.  I would definitely use Judy and Jim again.  Rock on ,keep up the good work Jim.
Repeat Seller Client John
2017 & Prior Client

We're Here To Help


Our Committment To You

As your listing agent we will...


>  Attend to all of your priorities & special needs.
>  Negotiate the best possible price & terms.
>  ALWAYS represent your best interest through due diligence.
>  Disclose any information that may impact the sale of your property.
>  Assist you from start to finish with the home selling process.
>  Provide after-the-close guidance for you on any real estate matter or question.

The Judy Orr Team - 708-536-8200

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